End of the internet

This is the end of the Internet. Thank you for viewing all of the Internet. You can go no further

Please try the following:

  • Turn off you computer and go do something productive.
  • If you typed the page address in the Address bar, you have missed a lot of pages, and should start off from the beginning of the Internet.
  • Begin at the beginning of the Internet, and view all the pages again.
  • See if you have missed any pages, you could have missed valueable information, please follow these steps
    1. Click the HOME button, and then click the first link on your homepage (If Google is you homepage, search for "a" without the quotes).
    2. Follow all of the links (If Google is your homepage, search for all of the letters in the Abc).
    3. If you have followed these steps correctly, you will end up here.
    4. repeat these steps if you are still not sure.
  • Some computers have limited Internet acces. Try another computer.
  • Go read a book, for pete's sake. 
  • Click the Back button to view your last visited page.

End of the Internet
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